Basket of Rules Questions: Trauma, Intel, and Spymaster

Had our second session last night, a few things popped up.

1) How is trauma cleared? If at all.
Rest and recuperation relieves 3 stress but once you mark that first Trauma box… does it just stay marked? Is there any way to alleviate it other than completing some unique type of Long Term Project?

2) Do intel questions apply to all missions or only one?
In the Commander playbook it says “Before you pick primary and secondary missions, ask intel questions based on how much intel you hold” but given the example in the book and the way the questions are phrased on the playbook it seems like they relate to one specific mission rather than all of the ones presented by the GM.

3) Can a spy assigned to Help add +1d to ANY long-term project or only the Spymaster ones?
I think this is intended for one spy who’s not on a Long-Term Assignment to help one who is (and thus get it done faster) but the way the Help description uses the phrase “long term project” it makes me think they can help out the Quartermaster with their campaign action. It it one, the other, or both?

Finally, I think there’s a typo on page 312. The penalty for a Recon Mission when you roll a 1 should probably be “+1 Time” not “-1 Time”?

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  1. There are no ways to clear trauma in the game as written. You can however take the Survivor ability so that you can take an additional trauma before dying.
  2. Having watched Stras’ GM Band of Blades, he applied the questions to both missions.
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I think for the third question, the answer is clear, since on page 154 it is written: " ‹Help: Your spy facilitates or networks as needed. Add +1d to a
Quartermaster’s long-term project roll. "

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It’s not. There’s lots of ways to lose Legionnaires (death, trauma, blight). There’s no way to clear it in the game as written.

That said, I can see trying to work up some sort of way to help someone with trauma through LTPs. That’s between you and your table though.

This is a mix. Some do some don’t. The questions should indicate that, if you’re not sure, go with your gut (it’s not the end of the world if you answer a bit more than normal). You want the Commander to have enough info to pick a mission (so what’s the Highest Threat should probably answer for all missions, so you know if a mission is GLARING RED SCARY) but some are after they’ve decided mostly to get more info (name 2 approaches) and those should apply to individual missions (largely so it doesn’t take for-ever to get out of this phase).

Actually Spymasters have Long-term assignments not projects. The spies help the QM (I think that’s specified in the description of the action).

p. 312 - check the PDF I think we fixed that in the PDF version. I’ll check it to and add it to errata if it’s not.


Copy that. Thanks!

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