BitD music archive

I’m looking to archive music/soundtracks/sound effects that would enhance the immersion of my players. Would love to have y’all participate.

Has anybody done this yet and if so would you like to share what you have found?



There is a massive amount of music in the #audio-inspiration channel in the BitD Discord. Also there is someone who made a BitD playlist on Spotify that is over eight hours long and I have used that to play in the background during sessions and such. That playlist includes Thief and Dishonored.

Sound Effects I have used the tracks available on Roll20 for my sessions. Some of the titles include:
-The Desert awaits
-Disembodied spirits
-Temple of the eye
-Docks district
-Haunted ramparts
-Cavern of lost souls
-Spire: the hatchery (good insect crawling sounds)
-Spire: the vermissian
-Spire: amaranth
-The Longest rain
-Dark and stormy

All of these are by Tabletop Audio and I usually layer about 3-5 different soundtracks to get what I want. Loop the tracks and adjust sound level to where you want it and you can get some really creepy effects! I have had several players turn off their audio because it was giving them the creeps (sad I know). If your game sessions are in person you can simply play Roll20 in the background as ambiance. I know there are a few apps which allow you to layer music or sounds together but I have not used them. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This is great. Thank you.
I am using roll20 to play so it’s perfect

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