BitD OC Illustrations

Some Duskvol Impressions painted by me

First of all a huge thank you to John Harper and Evilhat Productions for that awesome game and also to the community for all that great extra content.
My Game group and I had so much fun with it.
As a major Gentlemen Bastards and Dishonored fan I’m just in love with the Duskvol Setting and I tried to visualize my version of it over the last few months.
I really like the industrial feeling plus the eternal night thematic and I tried to picture it in a Mike Mignola kind of style (from which I take a lot of inspiration of). I love playing with shadows in my paintings and BitD is a really fun opportunity for that.
Besides some character art of our crew I painted random scenes, factions and individuals I wanted to share with the BitD community.

(Edit: I just created this community account and just saw that new users can only upload one media. I added my Reddit and Instagram links you can check out more of my paintings there!)



@perrypherie I have updated your account so you can upload more images now.

I love the artwork!


Thank you so much!

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