Blades / Forged in the Dark Survey

He folks! I’ve been shopping around a survey for Blades in the Dark / Forged in the Dark players and GMs lately, and this seems a good place to post it! I’ll be sharing the raw, anonymized data out to the community once we hit a good sample size of 100 or so respondents, so hopefully we can all benefit and make better games!

Please share this survey around, and take it when you get a chance!

Can you give more info on the survey’s purpose and what questions it’s asking?

Of course! I’m looking to create a public resource for Blades in the Dark hackers to get some solid data on what kinds of games people play with the system. So far, it has questions on which hacks people have played, which genres they would like to see hacks made in, and similar things. It also has a fair amount of “crunchy” questions, where I ask about how much XP is given out in an average session, how many scores, how often games encounter the death mechanics, things that I’ve always wondered about and wanted to get some hard data on.

If there’s other questions you feel would be helpful to ask on the survey, let me know and I’ll update it as best I can!

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