Blades in the Dark Scouting Badges

I’m just thinking about things I often seen in Blades games without being too specific.

Write your own!


Everyone: Killed Baszo Baz

Lyssa’s Crime: Talked to Roric’s Ghost

Ghost B&E: Survived Breaking into the Dimmer Sister’s House

Heist: Smooth Job that goes off without a hitch

Stones in the Guts: Hid a body in the canal

Hit Above Your Weight: Spirit Warden Edition
Hit Above Your Weight: Unseen Edition
Hit Above Your Weight:: The Hive Edition

Imperial Majesty: pretended to be the Undying Emperor for a score

The Whisper Effect: had a job entirely about fixing a mess started by an Attunement roll by the Crew’s Whisper

The Bizarro Chicago Way: Bring a knife to a gun fight

The Chicago Way: Bring a gun to a knife fight

Corellian: win a ship in a card game

Game Design: change a rule of the game with a downtime project

Biggest Crook: become a City Council Member

Robin Hood: steal something off of Whitecrown

Marine Stealth: steal something off a Leviathan Hunter’s Ship


How about…

Teahouse: Survived a Meeting with a Rival Crew in a Public Place that degenerates into a massive gunfight.

Give the Man a Gun and He is Superman. Give Him Two and He is God: Deliberately start the gunfight mentioned in the above badge.

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On behalf of a former crew I must demand a Hit Above Your Weight: Leviathan Hunters Edition.


You Call This Trouble?: Crit on a Resistance roll.
If There Were Sun He’d Sparkle: Befriend Lord Scurlock

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The crashing inevitability badge: awarded when a social or subterfuge score is resolved by a gunfight. :slight_smile: