Blades of the Inquisition Roll 20 Sheets I made

Hi everyone I got involved in a game of the Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Hack of Blades called “Blades of the Inquisition” by the awesome @RoosterEma on Twitter. The hack didn’t have any Roll20 sheets so decided to build some for anyone to use if they decide to try it out. I have included the HTML, CSS and Translation files. There is also a second file containing all the source needed to mod the sheets.

The link enclosed below has the files for roll20:

There are two RAR files, one for the HTML, CSS and Translation File (Compiled). Another exists for the Source Files to Mod The Sheets For Your Campaign. A copy of the PDF for the Hack is also in that folder.

Hope someone gets something out of them. Please note, the whole of blades crews and playbooks remain in this hack to allow you to add abilities from base blades. This is mostly an omission to remove them all the the only crew that works is Acolytes.

If you use them and enjoy them please let me know on here or twitter (needmoreloot) as its nice to know when something you made is useful.