Blank / Empty Ship Sheet

Is there anywhere an empty / blank (ideally form-fillable) ship sheets for Scum and Villainy?

Nope. And if you look carefully you’ll figure out why there can’t be (the size of the ship parts varies, and there’s limited space).

I get asked this a lot. Each ship takes tinkering in inDesign there’s no way to make a “generic” one. Just make a spreadsheet if you need to.

I’ve had an extremely close look. And indeed the length of special abilities vary.
Everything else location (not txt) is fixed. [The location of Ship systems varies, but that is txt]
And the number of crew/ship upgrades boxes varies.
If you flip between sheets you see they are identical (except for location bullet special abilities).
If you use an even distribution of 7 special abilities bullets with blank box and three open boxes for each crew/ship upgrade (you can permanently fill those if things costs less), you have perfect generic sheet!
I fully understand you are extremely busy, but I really want S&V to take of . Can I volunteer to give it a go?