Blood of the Oni (temp title)

Working on my first playset. The idea is to add 8 masters, instead of the the gods. Each one representing one of the eight ways of buddhism.
The inspiration is kendo and demon slayer corps. I still need to come up with an idea of how to call the Fate track (it is supposed to represent the blood of the Oni the warrior take as a ritual of passage to protect the humans).

The main change from classic Paragon is that the player can always substitute the body (pathos) or the ki (gods) with the oni blood (fate). And the strongest demons require to be hit using “ki ken tai icchi” (mind, sword, and body as one).

I know the sheet it’s a pretty early draft, but any suggestion is appreciated


Finished the first first draft, need playtest

  1. The righteous path are supposed to work as the sacrifice in Agon (they refill a spirit technique and the best player get a botherly love with one of the 5 masters). Also when you complete the 3 prisms you get a boon.
  2. If you satisfy one virtue, at the end of the game you can refill a spirit
  3. Spreading the sin or resort to demon blood improve your breathing technique (boon). However, the higher is the level of sin the harder will be to fight a demon (they get an advantage die)
  4. You can always substitute Tai (body) or Ki (spirit), for Demon Blood (corruption/fate)
  5. The monst powerful one (the last 4) might require Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi (mind,body, and spirit as a single thing) to be hurt.
  6. The Ways replace the Domain
  • a. Sado is the Way of Tea (Art and Oration)
  • b. Bushido is the Way of the Sword (Blood and Valor)
  • c. Shinobido is the Way of the Ninja (Craft and Reason)
  • d. Omnyodo is the Way of the Ying and the Yang (Resolve and Spirit)

Please let me know if it works and if you have any idea to improve it


Adding some graphic and interaction.

  1. Additional Boon (you get more resilient due to training +1 body)
  2. When you complete a training in a way (similar to a constellation) you can either have (a) everyone gets a breathing technique, (b) Sin is reduced by 1.
    Thus if you had 4 Sin, it becomes 3 (you don’t lose the boon, but the Wrath dice it reduced to a D6 instead of a D8, next time you increase the Sin you can get an additional boon).

Now, how do you remember if your group decided to decrease the SIN or get a Boon? That’s what the new half triangle next to each way is: It stays white if you decided to learn a new boon, otherwise it becomes black for absorbing the Tsumi of the world.

Another thing that wasn’t explained before. Why someone should choose the Harae (white check mark), instead of the Tsumi (grey one) in the Kagura? Well, purifying a Demon gives you something similar to a Great Dead or trophy instead of a new boon/wrath dice.

First Draft out :smiley:

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