BoB : more rules questions (again !)

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I guess that those questions have been asked somewhere before, but couldn’t find answers

  1. Black Shot : contradiction
  • In the book on page 131, when the Quartermaster spends one use of Black Shot, “all troops” are equipped with them.
  • But in the BoB sheets, QM Playbook, it is only the specialists which are equipped with Black Shot in this case.
    Have I missed something ?
  1. Horses & Load
    When the QM spends a use of Horses on a Recon mission (or other), all troops are equipped with mounts for the mission. But if the group wants to stay more or less quiet, it can’t leave on mission with a Heavy Load.
    However it stands to reason…
  • That indeed, quietness would be impeded by wearing heavy armour, for instance (even on a horse)…
  • But that with horses, the troops should be able to leave on mission with more equipment (maybe not fine weapons/armor/etc), but at least standard equipment, part of it could stay on the horses when the troops dismount.
    Is there somewhere where this is more detailed and/or ruled? Should I just discuss with my table and decide (in fact that’s what I have done on the first recon mission : I allocated two more Utility load with standard items).

3 (edit :Added question) Ammo
It appears I may have misinterpreted Ammo. Is each “ammo use” just one shot (and one load of ammo would allow only one loading of a five shot fine orite pistol) ? I have played it more like in DW, or forgot to have my players tracktheir ammo use, sice it is not necessary in vanilla Blades.

Thanks !

  1. Everyone is equipped with black shot.
  2. Not really a question. You can house rule whatever you want :slight_smile: I will point out that load has nothing to do with how HEAVY something is to carry, but how many resources are available to give out and what’s considered sufficient equipment to carry out missions. Extra horses don’t get extra load.
  3. It’s one volley. You might fire multiple shots (or not) but rather than counting bullets, it’s one action of fire. It might be one shot, it might be one clip. Whatever the story necessitates.
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  1. I’m guessing this applies to dual revolvers as well? The 5 dots of ammo aren’t bullets per se, but opportunities to shoot. (And you don’t have to mark 2 ammo every time you fire both of your guns :slight_smile: )

@Udachnik correct on all of them.

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Thanks Stras!
So in fact, my DW analogy for ammo was not too far from the mark.
And I guess… it is the same for Black Shot? Not one alchemical bullet, but one “Opportunity of fire”?

Correct! Black shot is also “one opportunity of fire”.