Bonds blocking Harm, one Bond per type or per contest?

I know the 4 types of Harm can only apply once each for every contest. But when a character spends a Bond point to have another character block Harm for them, how many instances of Harm are blocked?

So far I’ve considered each type to be a distinct instance of Harm, so a contest that is both Epic and Mythic would require a Hero to spend 2 Bond points total in order to avoid the Pathos and Divine Favor tolls, or 1 point for either. This makes sense to me since the other types, Perilous and Sacred, happen at a different time during the contest, making it harder, fictionally speaking, to cover all types with the same narration.

However, one Bond point spent could also be interpreted as blocking all Harm from the contest, or at least for that part of it (entering the contest, or after rolling). In other words, whenever more than one Harm type is being applied at once, does 1 Bond point block them together, or do you need to spend 1 point for each type?

I’d appreciate some clarification regarding this. Thanks beforehand.

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Hi Martin,

You’ve got it right. One bond per harm. John talks about it some more here