Bonus for Favored Op

Hey, so I’m new to BitD and i was reading the gang portion in the book and i noted that players choose a hunting ground/sales territory and a favored action… i know the territory choice matters sometimes, but what mechanical benefit does the favored action mean? An example is the shadows. They choose a hunting ground and then a favored operation, like burgerly… what does all of this mean?

See page 93 of the rule book.

oh ok, i was looking for specifics when i should of went to the in depth gang creation. Thanks for the redirect, and thanks for the game!

Additonal clarification, it would only be one more downtime activity total, not per player right?

One extra downtime activity, total.

thank you once more, that’s what i thought too

How does it work for smugglers? Cults and Hawkers make 2 selections each that map cleanly onto the Hunting Grounds template, but smugglers only make one selection and it doesn’t specify either place or method.

Smugglers have preferred cargo type. When you prepare a score involving that type of cargo, you gain the hunting ground benefits on page 93.

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