Brainstorming A "Deathlands Heist Deck"

I’ve really enjoyed the BitD Heist Deck and now that my players want to do more in the deathlands, I’d like to create (and share for everyone’s use) a similarly-inspired deck for that setting.

I’m starting with Deathlands Monsters/opponents. Below are some of the creatures I’ve gleaned from listening to livestreams and or dreamt up by my players. If you would enjoy sharing deathlands monsters you’ve come up with or come across, just drop some descriptions in here.

I’ll eventually copy it all into an airtable database (see the draft here) and share it.

Legal stuff: This is all homebrew materials I am assembling for my own personal use and I don’t mind if other people use it too :).

Shadow Lion Tier III Deathlands of Akoros

Shadow lions are larger than their pre cataclysm ancestors and hunt either alone or in prides. In collaborative hunts, it is usually the lioness who initiates the kill. Lions stalk their prey and, when close enough, attempt a short charge on their prey, trying either to pounce on their target or knock it over. Can fade into and out of the ghost field, allowing it to maneuver unseen by mundane pray.

Life Seeker Crow Tier III Deathlands of Akoros
These are haunted reversals of the tame and small death seeker crows every desident of Doskvol knows well. Life Seeker crows are large, wild, fearsome predators. They feed on both the soul and the flesh of their prey.

  • Fly at great speed.
  • Detect life from great distances and through obstacles.
  • Can lift human-sized pray into the air, although they prefer to pounce hard enough to shock their prey, pin them to the ground, and them eat them alive.

Ash Bear Tier III Deathlands of Akoros
So named because of their unnatural ability to blend into the common ash mounds of the Deathlands, these large predators tend to lie in wait. An affinity with fire demons.

River Mantid Tier III Deathlands of Akoros
A large, river-dwelling creature with the backside of a lobster. They possess huge, stalked, segmented eyes. When they attack their front rears up, revealing a terrifying maw of moving mouthparts, two claws to bring food in, but their truly distinguishing feature is their massive armored fists.

They tend to hunt in and near the rivers of the Deathlands.

Their armored fists emit a shockingly loud cracking noise when they punch, and punch with enough force to severely bludgeon or even dismember opponents.


I’ve added some additional opponents and started on the category of card for the deck, “Fantastic Locations.”

You can access all of my BitD AirTable DBs here

Once you connect to there, you can view the “Homebrew BitD Deck” Base, which holds my current draft content.


After input from a few folks I’ve assembled a Deathlands Score Kit, a set of rollable tables and simple instructions to help you quickly create Deathlands scores/campaigns.