Breaker is the Broken I least understand how to drive. Blighter and Render are much more direct and straightforward.

How have you used Breaker and her armies?

Like aren’t the Burned an immobile, lightning rod. They attract bad weather. Is the idea to put them in locations the Legion can’t avoid, then it’s all mud, lightning strikes and electric shocks. Or have you had Shadow Witches make Burned move and attack like other undead? Or are the Hexed the primary moving line troopers?

We’ve had mostly Shadow witches and Devourers from the Breaker. Elia was a big problem for a few missions. Hexes and magic fogs and other capabilities made them really hard to deal with.
But it’s true, now that I think of it, that our GM avoided line troops from Breaker.

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Huh! I understood Shadow Witches are the brains of the line troops. So I assume they were a strong enough threat without their line troops. What attacks did they use?

Did your GM use hexing and magic to weaken the legion? Or was it more direct assaults from the monsters Breaker created?

Shadow witches appeared later in the game, when Devourers were already available. Also with Bhed the wolfman Lieutenant. So sometimes there were line troops with them, sometimes not. In 3/4 of sessions I think we were against Render’s troops.

It was more direct action during missions. Yeah, hexes are bad, magic fogs are bad, and the abilities of Elia (to possess NPCs) is especially bad, when those NPCs are your squad members lost in the fog. Better think early of a way to dissipate that fog. No magic solution though…

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I used a lot of ambushes with Hexed. Seemingly innocent farmers working their fields. Caravans of refugees. Beggars in the main towns. The scary part about Breaker is that once she’s gotten a Shadow Witch inserted into a community, people are going to start turning. The huge hordes of Burned come later once the community is already weakened.

My Breaker took Pillar of Skulls, the Devourer summoning ability as the first power so that I could have a plausible reason why every town or community hid a Shadow Witch. Instead of marching with a horde, Breaker’s forces corrupt communities from within. First just a Shadow Witch and her loyal mount, but soon an army of undead and Hexed as the community falls.