Breaking Coruscant (A Star Wars Story)

I’m adopting Blades in the Dark to run an Andor style Star Wars campaign following a rebel cell trying to bring down the Imperial Capitol. I’ve written a little spiel here:

The Emperor is dead. The Empire has fractured. Yet the Rebel Alliance is still far from victory. Yet even broken and feuding, over a dozen Imperial warlords command more ships and men than all the Rebel Alliance combined. Many believe that once all the dust has settled, and new emperor will emerge victorious and life will continue as it has been. It is your job to disabuse them of that notion.

Despite the chaos of the last three years, Coruscant remains the beating heart of galactic civilization. The names may change, but so long as Coruscant remains in Imperial hands, along with all it’s culture, wealth, and intelligence, the Empire will rule.

Yet the Rebel Alliance doesn’t have the ships necessary to take Coruscant, nor the men to keep it. Instead they have you. You have been given free reign to manipulate public sentiment, vanish Imperial Agents, and show the people of Coruscant how to lie, steal and extort their way to freedom. With your fellow agents you shall render Coruscant ungovernable. With your fellow agents, you will Break Coruscant.

I’ll running this game through StartPlaying, and the link to the game is here:

I think Blades in the Dark is the perfect vehicle for capturing the feel of my favorite Star Wars stories, and I’m excited to explore this world with new players. I know currently lists Fridays evenings as the time, but I am willing to switch that around to accommodate new players. The game is twenty dollars a session, and it’ll start once I have three or more players. I’d love to do this for free, but I’m in so many other games the only way I can justify adding another to my busy schedule is if it helps me make rent. I have a lot of trpg experience though, and I think anyone who decides to join me will be glad they did. Take care!