Broken Ability Quesitons

A few questions:

  1. With “Dark Visions” (Liberty restores 1 less stress), when supply is spent on Liberty, I assume the players gets the better of 2 (3-1) or all of their Stress but one returned? Also, has anyone used this in their games? How much does it reduce player fun because they can’t push/resist/team work as much? Is it a strong challenge or too much?

  2. With Breaker’s “Modern Warfare”, her line troops carry Fine arms and armor. The italic text says “this elevates the threat of troops that use arms and armor by 1”. Does this mean that they should also do Corruption 2? (My intuition is no, because they’re still Threat 1, and attacks with weapons don’t usually deal corruption.)

  3. What happens when combining “Toxic Mutagen” (+1 to corruption when troops wound someone) to “Modern Warfare”? Now weapon attacks should deal Corruption, but it’s not clear whether that should be 2 Corruption (Threat 1 + 1), or 3 Corruption (Threat 2 because of fine arms + 1)?



Toxic Mutagen and its reminder-text are kind of confusing. If you leave out the reminder text, it seems straight forward. It says weapon attacks deal +1 corruption now. Weapon attacks usually inflict 0 corruption, so now they inflict 1 corruption in addition to whatever harm they inflict based on threat.

But then the instruction to call out when the +1 “is applied” and the mention of the normal amount of corruption implies that we’re increasing the amount of corruption done by attacks which would normally corrupt.

Game-mechanically either effect seems reasonable – adding 1 corruption to non-corrupting weapon attacks, or adding one corruption to all corruption effects. Changing “2 harm” to “2 harm, 3 corruption” seems like a lot for a single Broken ability.

Stress -1. So almost full, but not quite.

Your instinct is good. I just run it for damage. I don’t mess with corruption on this commonly.

2 corruption.