Bug in Roll20?

Hey, folks-

I’ve found what looks to be a bug in Roll20, and am hoping others can duplicate it, and if it’s not just me (or heck, even if it is) suggest a fix.

It looks like Roll20 is rolling an extra Resistance die whenever we roll an INSIGHT Resist with Rookies. I’ve tried it with multiple Rookies, and they all seem to have the same problem, but the Specialists all seem to be fine. It’s only INSIGHT where the problem pops up.

Any advice?

On the rare time this occurs (we get more dice rolled than requested, or accidentally roll more than we should have), we simply ignore the last die. That’s how I’d suggest getting around it for now.

I have just duplicated the reported error, though, and you are not wrong in that there does seem to be a bug with Rookies making Insight rolls.

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