Building upon Doskvol

One of the elements of Blades that I love the most is it’s setting. The game does such a good job of presenting the city as a living, breathing, entity unto itself.

So far I’ve run my players through two long term Blades campaigns and am currently working them on a third. After the first two campaigns were finished I turned each of those crews into a faction and all of their actions became part of the history of the city that the new crew entered into. The PC’s became NPC’s that our current PC’s sometimes have to interact with, both positively and negatively. Thus far a current PC has not had to kill (or be killed) by their old character, but it’s a thing that could certainly happen.

My players love it because they get to know that their old characters are still alive (most of them) and active and affecting the city, and it gives a real sense of growth and historical progression. Doskvol is constantly evolving for the players and never seems static.

I’m just wondering if anyone else does this and if they have any ways that I haven’t thought of to impliment old crews/characters to breath still more life into Doskvol.


I have only run a couple of one-shots, albeit with mostly the same crew, but I did include the Silkworms from the official novels as a faction.

Totally done the same.
My third Blades campaign is running now.
One faction that is the gang boss of crows foot is the crew from their first campaign, or namely the henchmen and cohorts of those days are in charge now. The PC’s have all had different fates but one Spirit Warden that the current crew runs into also limps and speaks with a weird accent… just like the whisper PC from the first campaign.
Little easter eggs like that give more depth to the campaign and players seem to dig them a lot.