Campaign Loss condition

The book states that if there are ever fewer than 15 rookies or soldiers (or less than 2 specialists) the players lose the game.

Does that still apply when they get to Skydagger and do the final missions?

Asking cause I imagine the last missions could be pretty bloody with Infamous and Lieutenants showing up.

Also, wouldnt it make sense to say less than 15 rookies, soldiers AND specialists?

My Legion has gone pretty heavily into upgrading into specialist and have 8-9 at the moment. Surely they shold count for number ?

The reason for this is that you need at least 3 full squads > 1 to guard the camp, 2 to go on mission for each mission phase (primary and secondary missions). For the same reason (missions) you need two specialists. Page 127 : “If you ever have fewer than 15 Rookies or Soldiers, or fewer than two Specialists, you cannot adequately do the missions the Legion needs to stay ahead of the undead while still defending the Legion camp.”

This is valid as long as you are on the road.
So, if you get to Skydagger, and you have done the missions, calculated the score, the game is finished, this obviously does not apply.

When you have finished the Skydagger missions, the number of squads and specialists remaining will count toward your score (page 430). You don’t lose the campaign?game if you have less than 15 at this point.

My question was with regards to during the Skydagger Keep missions. Let us say you finish the first two missions and a lot of people die.
You are then below 15 soldier/rookies. Do you lose the game then? Seems a bit anticlimatic to me?

Only asking because I think the Skydagger missions in my campaign will be bloody.

As I wrote, the reasons to lose the campaign when you have less than 15 squad members are not valid at Skydagger. You are no longer on the road with a camp too guard.

Moreover, the Skydagger missions are supposed to happen more or less simultaneously (except maybe the last, second-wave mission). So that’s another reason why you shouldn’t count your remaining troops after each of those missions.

So don’t worry about it and give’em hell.


A_B is correct. It’s only true on the road (and their reasons are correct here).


Thanks for clearing that up.