Campaign notes - quarantine play

So I am running a Band of Blades campaign at the moment and will make some notes here about what the Legion has done thus far.

Shreya is the Chosen; Blighter and Breaker are the Broken. As we have 5 players, I have given the Broken an extra ability each to begin with.

First mission: the destruction of the bridge

The team had the sniper and the scout take point, with the medic the wreck expert and the officer guiding the squad. They started planting explosives and gradually moving up the bridge. They then detected a group of undead harvesting bodies. The squad needed to get a little past them to finish the job, so decided to stage an ambush. It went well initially, but then a Horror that they had thought was another pile of bodies stormed the sniper’s position. The squad and the officer combined managed to kill it, but the sniper was in a bad way and had to flee … but too late, and he was cut down from behind by some heavily armed rotters (trauma out from resisting plus 3 harm). In their hurry to finish the mission, one of the rookies fell off the bridge and had to be rescued by the scout with a quick throw of a looped rope. At this point, the Horror revived after absorbing the flesh of the dead on the bridge, and things looked grim. However, killing the Crow in charge of the undead meant that their foe lost cohesion, and everyone made it back to camp alive, blowing up the bridge as they did so.


Western Front

An abandoned monastery is supposed to have significant information about the undead, as religious scholars there made an extensive investigation the first time the Cinder King marched east. In this recon mission, the Legion discovered Breaker’s troops already there searching for the information, with Hexed disguised as refugees cowering from Burned outside the monastery.

A crucial choice early in the mission had the Heavy killing the Burned

The Scout showed her mettle, scouting out the buildings and finding that the abbott had tossed the crucial books and scrolls down the well before being murdered. However, in saving a rookie from destruction at the hands of a Witch, she trauma-ed out. The squad then fled with the information, having also found out that killing a Witch does not end him, as they can jump from Burned to Burned …

They also grabbed some notes taken by one of the Witches, and this showed them that Breaker is trying to find out how to destroy those tainted with cinder blood, including, perhaps, the Cinder King himself. They also worked out that there is some weird relationship between Shreya and Blighter, which Breaker may be trying to exploit.

Secondary - Operation Crimson Flood
Undead troops seem to be getting across the river in larger numbers than expected. A recon mission to find out how encountered Devourers for the first time and a route around their main landing area.

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Operation Kingfisher

The special mission to obtain the Kingfisher Knight was bought with intel and Spymaster help. They were told of the curse, told of how powerful a warrior he was and set out, although there were some misgivings as to the Commander’s choice here - why was this guy sitting out the fight and why did they have to go beg him to help them? After all, they has fought all the way west and were still fighting, even in the retreat. Still, orders were orders.

They had a tricky time locating him and got lost in a box canyon just below what they believed was the Kingfisher Knight’s cabin, and realised that some kind of tracker undead were on their trail. They climbed out of the box canyon after dealing with the vanguard of the undead and met with Voyis, who did not seem particularly cursed. However, they noticed a bunch of reliquaries hung up around a grove with a tree in it and some kind of standing stone doorway.

After a good roll to see how well they could get along and after he had checked his warning lines - he was worried about undead encroachment - they sat in his cabin while he told them his sad story.

His wife had been a Mercy and they had travelled together with the armies of the eastern kingdoms, battling the undead for two years. But in one horrific encounter, his wife had become blighted, and began gradually turning into an undead. He could not bring himself to kill her, and so, after much research, travelled here to a place holy to Asrika to keep her bound and unable to harm others. But her power has been growing steadily and more and more undead are being drawn to her, so he is not sure what else he can do.

The Legion convinced him that the time had come to grant his wife peace, and that they were prepared to do it so that he would not have to.

With perimeter guards set - the sniper and Voyis - the rest of the squad moved through the gateway into the grove. The corrupted Mercy whom they faced was terrifying, pouring her wounds back onto those that inflicted them, but with black shot and reliquaries - although with trauma and wounds in return, and very nearly some blight - they finally managed to send her into the light.

Meanwhile, a Hound took the sniper’s rifle … He was very upset. :slight_smile:

Secondary mission

Operation Flowing Light

A temple that included things sacred to Shreya was under threat from Blighter. She wanted it closed properly. But that was a cover. Secretly, she wanted some letters returned to her unread. The Legion succeeded, but with two rookie deaths. The Doctor watched them retreat …

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