Can any character take specialist attributes?

Can a Soldier or Medic for example take a point in Anchor? Or is it only available to the Heavy class?

It’s something that came up in my last game but I wasn’t sure.

The answer is yes, you can put xp at the end of mission in the specialist actions clock and the choose any of those.

p 56 “You may mark end-of-mission xp on any attribute xp clock, your Specialist clock, or your playbook xp clock (the one on the big red banner).”

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Yes, you do so by taking the Veteran advance. So you can have scouts with Aim or Heavies with Grit.

In my campaign the Legion is revolving heavily around the use of drugs and bombs, so many players have gone for the grenadier advance.

Keep in mind you can only have 6 abilities though.

No, that’s different.

The veteran advance is for Special Abilities, like Grenadier, as you indeed mentioned. But it is not for Specialist actions (Grit, Anchor, Doctor, etc).

To get Specialist actions dot you only need to complete the Specialist clock. No need to take Veteran SA.

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A_B is correct.

Anchor looks like it’s probably pretty sweet for Soldiers, especially Cavalry. I could imagine eventually picking up some Aim on a well-developed Scout. Channels is a pretty good effect to have in a squad and it doesn’t really matter who has it as long as they have decent Sway. I actually kind of like the idea of putting it on a Sniper because they cover the two mission types that Officers don’t, and I think Channels is especially useful on Recon missions (where you often pack light and don’t know what you’re up against).

Heck - we had a Rookie start with a single point of Doctor towards the end of the one campaign I’ve played, GM was fine with it and it fitted the character.

We also allowed a dot to be taken at character creation, if that’s how the player wanted to spend one of their four ‘freebies’. A couple people took this option. This resulted in a Doctor with Grit and Scrounge, and a Rookie with Anchor, choices which fit and defined both characters – and both became central, well-developed members of the Legion.

(Note that taking a Specialist Action outside your Specialist role does mean you don’t get a point of Insight resist for that Action.)

Note: this possibly isn’t RAW, but our interpretation was that it says “Action ratings” in the text on assigning the four dots at creation, Specialist Actions are still Actions with ratings, and there is no statement we recall that specifically says they don’t count here.