Can Commander pick unlisted location mission types?

I just realized that my Commander gave me a mission type that’s not listed as focus for our game tomorrow. I was looking for the rules for whether this is allowed and found these in the rules:


Pick missions. Decide on a type of mission to focus on (assault, recon, religious, or supply) and tell the GM. The GM will tell you what’s available.


The first step to generating missions is to confer with the Commander. They’ll tell you what types of missions they are looking for.

Each of the four mission types appears on this table, as does a stand-in for whichever mission type the Commander focused on, and a wildcard, where you decide on the mission type. If you roll a mission type that’s not available, choose the next highest number. For instance, if you roll 4, supply, and no supply missions are available in that location, check 5.

It’s not entirely clear to me what the rule is here. It never says the commander’s mission choices are constrained and it also says “check 5” (5 is Commander’s Focus), which means you’re supposed to check it meaning it’s not assumed that the commander picked an available focus?

I assume I’m over complicating this and that location mission type restrictions are final.

Yeah, they can say they focus on supply missions, but if there’s none around then they’re just wasting their effort. They can’t find what isn’t there.

It’s also a key part of the Commander’s choice of route. The Long Road route is hard because, except for Barrack Mines, there’s no where to resupply till Fort Calisco. But restocking on Blackshot at Barrack Mines can make that hardship worth it.