Can you loose the game out of promotion?

So, there goes a question of a situation that, although it may look unlikely, there is a chance it will happen in my campaign.
The rules say that the legion must have at least 15 between rookies and soldiers and 2 specialists.

The Marshall of my legion has been doing a considerable effort to plan the promotion path for each rookie, ensuring they show up and they get the skills necessary to promote quickly to specialists. As a result, the Legion has a healthy number of 5 specialists right now.

But right now they have 18 between rookies and soldiers, and they have 2 soldiers very close to promote.
This means that in the next mission phase, they could be in a position where two soldiers promote and, if 2 rookies die, that would mean the game is over. The result would be 14 rookies + soldiers and 7 specialists. It is a bit unbalanced, true, but it does not feel right.

Have you meet this situation before? How have you handled it?

Thanks for any insight!

We have had this situation.

But, the thing is, Soldiers don’t have to promote, unlike Rookies.

You can keep your Soldiers as Soldiers as long as you wish, giving them more Soldiers or Veteran abilities. And you would promote them only when you really need to do it (when you need it to have the minimum number of Specialists required, which is 2, or if you really need a specialist of a certain type right now). It’s good anyway to have more Soldiers.

If you promote Soldiers as soon as possible all the time, then you do risk losing the Game by having not enough Squad members (if you already have lost many).