Character sheet template?

Hey there!

I’ve just been through the book and I’m astounded by the sheer potential this game offers. The only problem I have is a localisation problem. You see, I live in Quebec, Canada and the vast majority here speaks french, and since Agon’s narrative mechanics rely strongly on words (epitaph, domains are called out loud in roleplay), I’d have to do a bit of traduction to make sure to enjoy it fully. Going from one language to another is slowing the narrative a bit and is confusing for some.

So I’m here to ask, is there a way to put my hand on an editable version of the character sheet, so I can translate it while keeping its absolutely slick looks?


Salut Mecha

Tu vas peut-être trouver ton bonheur ici:

Deux feuilles de persos pour AGON, l’une entièrement vierge, l’autre en français, que j’ai faites avec l’accord de l’auteur. Ce n’est évidemment pas une trad officielle.


Excellent! Ça m’aideras beaucoup. Merci infiniment!