Chosen deployed on a secondary mission?

The title. Would you allow it? There’s not a lot in the book about Chose accompanying missions, except p. " When the Chosen takes the field, the Legion takes a significant risk, so it’s not done without great need. They deploy only when their lack of presence would guarantee mission failure and high casualties, or their motives and drives align with the mission."

So if a secondary mission had a Favour linked to that Chosen, but was less interesting to play than another proposed mission, would it be a good enough reason the have the Chosen go with it?

How would you play it ?

This is a really great question. I’ve thought about this possibility recently too.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one can order a Chosen to do anything. They’re not part of the chain of command in any direction. They do their own thing.

I would offer the Marshal and Commander a hard choice. The Chosen wants this mission tackled. If you don’t assign it as the primary mission, they will do it as the secondary. You still have to assign a squad to accompany them. The engagement roll gets +1d, but no matter what the outcome, pressure increases by 1. The Chosen draws the enemy’s attention.

Might increase the engagement roll by +2d, but that starts to be a lot of juice. On the other hand, guaranteed +1 pressure is no small penalty.

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Yep. I had as a player a full failure on a special mission with the right favour recently (secondary mission) ; this bites really hard. And unfortunately I thought about this question, sending the Chosen with it, only after. So I asked myself if I would allow on my other campaign where I am the GM.

Also of course would have to be sure the theme of the mission fits the “motives, goals and agenda” of the said Chosen. Not sure the type of favour is proof enough.

We almost lost our chosen in our home campaign on a secondary mission (the roll went really poorly).

Our Horned One’s Chosen was badly injured on the very first mission in my game (9/10 ticks on her clock). She spent the next 4 session recuperating but in Session 5 made a reappearance during a mission to kill a Black Oak Knight Lieutenant only to be badly wounded again. In both cases she turned the tide of battle when it looked like the Legion would lose, but at immense personal cost.

I’ve been pretty happy with those results: The Horned One’s Chosen feels like an incredibly expensive, powerful but ultimately finite weapon on the battlefield, and that makes the Legion super worried about protecting her or using her. In the last mission the Legion specifically kept her out of the initial fighting, making sure she only made an appearance if their ambush worked.

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Allright! So it is possible. In fact we have to repeat ourselves constantly that everything that is not forbidden in this game is possible, and everything that’s impossible could perhaps be a Long term project!

By chance, do you remember how this very bad roll was played? +2d as Tom suggested?