City generation & factions (SWN style)

Hello everyone!

After running a successful campaign with two groups in Doskvol (I’ve managed to make them share the same Doskvol so they found changes in the city thanks to the other group’s adventures), now I wanna spice things up a little bit by creating new environments to start a new campaign.

One thing I’m always struggling is playing the factions of doskvol… there are so many, and I don’t always know how to “move them”. Usually only 3 or 4 factions (the ones closest to PCs) feel alive and the rest lies forgotten in the background.

So I’m thinking in City and Faction generation rules and tables like Stars Without Number.
SWN is a SciFi sandbox game that gives you a set of rules to create a sector with a bunch of planets from scratch just by rolling dice and writing down tags (you roll for things like planet size, atmosphere type, population, tech level, goverment, etc) Then you create a few factions to populate the sector with a similar system.

Once you’ve got everything RNG-created. SWN comes with a “Faction Turn” system. After X number of sessions, the GM sits down and plays a solitarie game to move the factions around the sector, attacking each other, making alliances, buying and using assets, etc so the world feels alive.

I’m really tempted to hack this into BitD.
Obviously, SWN is massive in scale, so planets would be more likely neighborhoods or districts in a big city. Factions would own agents or gangs instead of armadas and armies. Some factions seems kinda mandatory (law enforcement officers, goverment, etc)
I’m aware that SWN is a totally different system… and factions have their own stats that make sense in that system and so on… I need to do some sort of “translation” from one system to another.

What do you people think of this? What should I be considering before even try to do such hacking?