City Of Red Waters - an alternate setting

Hey Y’all. Thought I’d post an official thread here for City Of Red Waters discussion. City of Red Waters is an alternate setting supplement for Blades In The Dark. It is inspired by New Orleans and other colonial cities, especially port and river cities, think Interview With A Vampire for a touchstone. The themes of the setting book revolve around blood as the magical essence of life, and the way colonialism separates its benefactors from its sins. Currently it’s in testing and late development so feedback at this stage is incredibly valuable. For the moment it’s available to all Blades kickstarter backers though if you want to playtest with it and give us feedback, hit me up and we should be able to hook you up.

This thread is the official repository for general feedback on the supplement (though I will take feedback from just about anywhere) so I will open the discussion with a couple of questions:
What do you think so far?
What do you want to see in the supplement that’s not already there?