Clock Envelopes

Hi there!

I’ve been trying to learn a bit of visual design, and one of my first projects was making some clock envelopes for my ongoing Blades campaign.

I got the (wonderful) idea of keeping special leads & mysterious lore in envelopes the players can work to unlock from a poster (either here or on Reddit. Whoever you are—apologies for forgetting your username, thank you for the idea!)

The envelopes are very simple: just the logo, three clocks, and a space to scrawl the clock name. I made them in small (4, 6, & 8) and large (6, 8, & 12) sizes. Here are some images of a slightly earlier version (the logo letters have since been filled in :slight_smile:

You can download PDFs of the clocks here. I hope you enjoy them!


Aw man, now I wish I played with a physical group :stuck_out_tongue:

There are ways to fold pages into letters, I remember my sister doing that when she was a kid and had pen pals. :thinking:
You could save yourself some scissor work that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Oohh, I like the idea of the next version being a form-fillable, double-sided envelope, where you unfold it & the message is printed on the inside.

Nice! It’d be cool if there was a version that used less ink too.


Yeah, they use a lot of ink. Maybe in the next version I’ll add envelopes that use gray instead of black.

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LOVE IT! A few things which might make them more usable:

A design which can be printed on an envelope, most printers have this capability and envelopes come in all kinds of wonderful colors like cream, grey, etc. Would help save expensive ink and also the most flexibility on different NPCs/factions having different stationery. (Some tier 4-5 factions may have those thick and maybe even red in color I know, my imagination is getting the better of me!)

A design that a version can be printed on a page and then folded as @Tubal suggested. Goodies inside and clocks on the outside. Easy for those who do not have access to envelopes.

Definitely going to be using these in my next campaign!

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That is an awesome idea!

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