COLOR pic of Zora?

Hey, all-

I may have gone a little overboard and made Roll20 tokens for all of our Specialists last night, but I am unsatisfied with the B/W pic of Zora I pulled from the book when the rest of the tokens are in color.

Does anyone have an alternate Zora pic, or one they’ve colorized that they could share for me to make a token out of?



Ahhh, these are great, please anyone else who has similar!

These are super rad @GMagnus

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I like the flaming angel wings the most

Saw this and immediately thought of this thread:

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@stras oh hell yeah!

Found me some Render art

Dat rage

Minus the ears on this one.

Those are so good >_< The top one is my fave though… feels powerful.

This one with a closeup on the upper body! Dayum! And that burned half!


I don’t have access to my laptop now with Render & Shreya we’ve used, but maybe someone will be interested in a collection of potential specialists I’ve prepared for our campaign :slight_smile:

And a bonus - our Legion at Skydagger:

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Oh man so stylish!

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