Content in the Physical Rulebook

Hello, everyone! Recently I’ve been looking into Blades in the Dark, and as a fan of both Peaky Blinders and Dishonored, the whole premise seems very appealing! However, given the sheer amount of extra content that has been released/will eventually be released, I find myself a bit confused as to what Kickstarter goals, if any, are included in the physical book.

For example, are the Leech and Spider classes a part of the standard rulebook, or are they available somewhere separately? And as for the crews, roles and settings that have yet to be finished, will they all be released as standalone products or included in revised editions of the base game?

Apologies if these questions have very obvious answers, or if they’ve been asked a million times before. I just want to get the lay of the land before I make any purchases. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Check the downloads on the official site, the player’s kit has the crew types and playbooks that are in the book.

Only thing I’m aware of that’s not available is the U’Duasha stuff in the special edition book :thinking:

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Ah, thank you! I see that the Vigilante crew and Illustrated Maps are just above it, too, so I suppose any free extra material gets put there.

Anyway, the pointer is very much appreciated, Tubal. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything major!

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