Copper and Salt

Copper and Salt is out! It is the third novel set in Doskvol.

This novel can stand alone, and you can treat the two previous ones as prequels if you decide to read them later.

The Silkworms are a canny crew that handle behind the scenes crime in Silkshore, secure enough that they have begun to drift apart and focus on their own interests. (A Spider, Slide, Lurk, and Whisper.) Also, an idealistic young Inspector has overstepped his bounds in pursuing justice in his territory. During the Sail Lighting Festival, relationships are strained past the breaking point. A serial killer stalks the night, a demon ritual is unfolding in the background, and Hell hath no fury like a scorned spouse who joins up with the Bluecoats. Nothing is quite what it seems, and the cost to save the world is always, always steeper than you expected.

I encourage you to check it out. It’s a dark ride in the pressure cooker of a cramped city swollen with festival energy.


Wow, I didn’t know there are novels set in the world of Blades in the Dark! Is this available in digital format, as print is out of the question due to cost and shipping/import costs that are more than the book?

If there is digital version, are the previous novels available and the story connected?

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On Andrew’s page you can check which titles are “Printed Book” and which are “Ebook”. :wink:

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The story is connected, and also each book stands on its own. They share characters and themes, but you don’t need to read Silk and Silver to understand what’s going on in Mirror and Bone or Copper and Salt.

The first book follows the River Stallions and the creation of the Silkworms. The second book has both crews hit by a crisis. The third book focuses on the Silkworms. The fourth will focus on the River Stallions.

The ebook for Silk and Silver is here.

Mirror and Bone is here.

The Copper and Salt ebook is finished and out to my Patreon supporters, but Lulu is having some lingering issues from their site upgrade and I’m still working on getting it posted.

Thanks for asking!

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In general I don’t purchase books anymore without review or preview, but luckily had quick view of the first few pages. I liked what I read and I now have the first book on my Kindle. Looking forward to see how Doskvol is depicted and compare it to my interpretation of the world in my two campaign.

And to the story. Haven’t read fantasy fiction since ages :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your interest in my books! For those who want the ebooks, you can get the first 2 from Also, my patrons have access to all 3 ebooks; you are welcome to join up for a month or three, and as soon as you do you should have access to all 3 ebooks.

Copper and Salt.
Mirror and Bone.
Silk and Silver.

Lulu had a site snafu and they’re still ironing it out for broad distribution of Copper and Salt’s paperback and ebook versions. As of today I sent another email to Lulu to try and iron this tech issue out so Copper and Salt can be more broadly accessible.

I encourage you to leave a rating or review if you enjoy the books. Thanks!


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I received notice from Lulu that a FedEx label was printed, so that’s a promising step. They didn’t answer the ever important question though - “What’s in the box?!” Not sure if Copper and Salt is included, but I’ll update you and leave reviews. Thanks for the Patreon links for alternative ways to read 'em.

Saw mention of a fourth book. Do you have a set limit or are Doskvol books your vice?

The paperback is available through Lulu, but not through Amazon and the broader distribution network at this point.

The fourth book is for balance. The first was about the Silkworms and River Stallions, as was the second. The third focuses on the Silkworms, and the fourth will focus on the River Stallions.

I’m working on a collaborative project that repurposes Storium for my own nefarious ends, called Raining Sideways. I got a couple of my patrons on board, they direct overall decisions and identify cards to play on challenges. I do the writing.

When the fourth and fifth novel are complete I will take stock and look further ahead. I will probably do an anthology of short stories also, to expand the breadth of characters and story types. (Two stories are written.) Part of the decision rests on interest among readers. There’s no shortage of stories to tell.

Books arrived today!


My bookshelves. :+1::joy: The next one will the Hungarian edition of Band of Blades.

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Good news! Here’s the ebook.