Corruption and squad

Hi everyone.
It’s not clear to me how corruption works on unnamed squad member.
For example: a squad of 5 rookies got 2 corruption (toxic gas). No specialist can help them.
Does every rookies get 2 corruption? You have to create character sheets for everyone? (The marshal sheet does not have space for the corruption)

Thank you

I agree it’s not clear. The examples in the book are when harm and corruption are dealt and avoided together. But corruption can happen as a consequence separate to harm.

I would just treat it the same as harm, since NPCs also don’t have a corruption track. So, 2 corruption to the squad means 2 NPC legionnaires die and any PCs in the squad mark 2 corruption.

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Thank you for your reply!
Your interpretation is how I would do mechanically, but… Corruption does not kill. The NPC should be transformed into an “enemy of the legion”. So… still not sure what to do.

I hope someone clear this up

Fair point. Though I think it’s a pretty narrow case, because most of the time harm and corruption will come and go together, so the NPCs legionnaires will be dying anyhow.

But part of the answer here is about bookkeeping, right? We don’t want to track corruption for every NPCs, just like we don’t with harm.

So, I think corruption-by-itself will have to take out any NPC legionnaire hit by it. So, just like an NPC legionnaire dies from 1 harm, perhaps they are totally transformed with 1 corruption. Effectively hitting Level 4 blight, become an enemy and either flee or attack the Legion.

If they attack, this could make handing out corruption alone even more brutal then just killing squad mates with harm. If they flee, it could provide interesting opportunities to bring back familiar faces under control of the enemy.