Creating Playsets: Domains vs. Divine Favor

There seems to be a bit of overlap in what might be a domain vs. divine favor, and that is completely ok for a narratively led game like Agon. But it does raise an interesting point as we’re creating our own paragon playsets that I’m currently struggling with. What should be a domain vs. divine favor?

What best defines a Domain? What best defines divine favor (or it’s replacement)?

My own take is that Domains need to simply be broad, non-specific narrative suggestions to help players craft their own fiction for how they approach the contest / trial. It seems like crafting these is a key part of figuring out what your playset is about / what your characters will spend most of their time doing! It is tricky getting a balance between suggestive and general.

Divine favor tends to be character attributes represented as a resource, that secondarily help the player shape how they are approaching a situation. These seem like they can get away with being a bit more free-form, but the narrative extensions of these requires the playset designer to further refine how they are thinking about the game. In Agon divine favor ties in with the Gods, the Vault of Heaven, and Divine Wrath. In Surge Protectors, they simply describe some ambiguous but cool sounding robot systems. Then Storm furies further extends by having both ship systems and expressions! Turns out these could be quite expressive!

Curious how others are approaching this area of their designs.

I agree with your definitions.
In our playset we describe domains like ‘approaches’ to a contest / trial.
The divine favours are the expandable resources - in our playset we used tools.

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