Crescent Moon 🌙 — fitd-lite fairy tale rpg live on kickstarter!

hey all, i’ve been working on a blades hack and it’s just gone live for zinequest 3 !

Crescent Moon is an adventure role-playing game about brave children delving into a strange dreamscape known as the daydream.

You play as the kids, and during the game you will seek a way out of this world as you go on perilous adventures, make discoveries, and forge everlasting friendships under starlight.

However- The grasp of the dream will still manage to reach you, and dangers will be at the turn of the corner in the form of mysterious forces, rival characters, and your own twisted reflections. Alas, The Moon will always be looming over you, slowly turning its phase as your time runs out and the daydream turns fiercer and draws you in deeper.

Will the kids manage to traverse out of the daydream before the Full Moon rises?

What shape will their shadows take, and what dangers will they seed in their path?

How will the kids grow and change from their journey?

The game is mainly inspired by fairy tales, books like Peter Pan, shows like Over the Garden Wall, and games like Link’s Awakening. Most of the stories center around coming of age stories with a fantasy twist to them.

I consider the game to be FiTD-lite, as it simplifies most of the mechanics and blends them with an OSR-ish take, mainly inspired by Mausritter.

If you’d like to know more about the project, feel free to check out the Kickstarter page. I’m also happy to answer any question you might have. thank you <3


Update, the game is out!!

Hey all! In case you’re curious, I’ve finally released the digital version of the game. You can find it here!

The final system differs from Blades in many ways, but I think it still preserves a lot of its core ideas and has a very similar pace to it.

In practice though, it lends itself into modular, short games accessible to both children and adults—with a lot of room for taking the story in different directions depending on which ‘crewsheet’ you go for (though in this case, they are more like playsets, haha). If you like warm coming of age stories and this sounds like something you’d enjoy, feel free to check it out!


Hooray! I’ll help share the news on Twitter.


awh, thanks john! that’s super appreciated. :blush: