Crew Abilities

I’m currently working on a dark fantasy FITD with a strong emphasis on spellcasting and magic. As a result each of the character Playbooks has ended up with tons of special abilities, all of which can be levelled up to an increased Tier.

I don’t want to lose the ‘crew as character’ aspect of BITD, but I’m wondering whether it would be overkill for the crew to also have tons of special abilities. Maybe having ‘perks’ for each crew type and then focusing on access to equipment, transport and/or lair upgrades would be better.

Interested to know what anyone else has done in their FITD projects.

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In Wicked Ones, the PCs are united by their lair. It has a theme, which serves also as the closest thing to Crew Sheet, which grants a perk or a resource and several special rooms you can add to your lair in addition to basic ones, each offering a protection in a case of invason, management benefit or special resource.

The authors offer a free verison on DriveThruRPG, if you wish to dig deeper (Wicked Ones also has a spellcasting system).

Would you like to share more details on the story and the mechanics and narrative of the spellcasting system?

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