Crime in Plainsworth?

So, the Legion is arriving in Plainsworth, high morale but low supply. They did well, but have no horses, so they were eager to get to Plainsworth to find some good horses!

One of the missions available is a +3 Supply mission, under a mercenary premise. I rather liked the idea of The Legion being approached by a sort of organized crime ring, looking to leave Plainsworth or somehow gain from the war, willing to pay in a massive amount of goods.

Any ideas for a solid organized crime theme or motivation? Crime and the black markets are normal in military stories – just not sure what to really do here with a REAL world threat coming? I would like this to really be a choice for the commander (and crewe). Should help shape a lot of their morality in fact. :slight_smile:

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Those criminals could be the local allies or correspondants of the mountain bandits that the Legion will encounter further east. They could ask the Legion to escort them in order to transport their ill-acquired gains to the mountain camps, out of reach of the undead. Complication guaranteed with the horse Lady in Sunstrider Camp…

Or they could be slave-traffickers, who have “recruited” young boys and girls amongst the refugees in Plainworth, and don’t want to loose them to the undead…

During the first undead invasion of Aldermark, a deranged Alchemist discovered that undead fluids can be used to create drugs. These highly addictive and corrupting substances are used as hallucinogens by people to contact loved ones who passed away or to soothe their fear of death – in these desperate times, “necrovenum” is in high demand. Local criminals based in Plainsworth have operated a cartel of these drugs that reaches through most of the Aldermark, despite efforts from local authorities.

The Legion could be approached by the Plainsworth cartel to capture a squad of undead to secure their supply as it prepares to move away from the front, into Westlake or Eastlake. They promise to pay them with a large cache of supplies left by (raided from) the Eastern Armies. If the players succeed at this mission and take the same route, they could see the corrupting effect of necrovenum in Aldermark.

The Legionnaires could have the opportunity to discover what is happening in Plainsworth and maybe consider whether they want to fail the mission on purpose ⎯ provoking the ire of both the cartel and the Commander. Check out Narcos for inspiration.

Thaaaaank you both. I am a fan. I was going to hit weapon smuggling (war is such good profit) buuut this is far more immediate and practical. I am a fan.

Thanks again!

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