Critically Acquiring Alchemist in Barrak Mines

As suggested in the title, my players rolled boxcars in Barrak Mines to acquire an Alchemist. I realize the asset rating their is one, but their first long term project was a mobile forge they could use to produce trade goods. This gives them +1d to acquire assets in towns and cities. Normally an alchemist is exceptional quality, which requires a crit to begin with, but they get +2 effect on this roll for being in Barrak Mines. So what should I do for acquiring an very extremely exceptional alchemist?

Maybe the alchemist already knows one special formula they can use.

Same thing happened to me at Barrak. I gave the group a fresh, unsullied alchemist and then threw in another extremely corrupted alchemist for free: A freshly trained Orrite alchemist and his corrupted teacher.

I could see it go either way (2 alchemist, with one being kinda crap), or 1 really good alchemist with formulas. But since it’s 2 effect levels better than needed it should probably be two forumlas? Or to be real fun they could have 1 alchemical genius with some crazy formula that does something bonkers?

All the suggestions here are good. Don’t overthink the effect levels. A crit is just better, and a cool formula is shiny and the players will enjoy it. If you really want to have it be special make it a formula for something not necessarily in the book (glance at the blades alchemicals if you need to). The players will be hype I think.

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I was thinking the formula for an alchemical that can grant a single one time only use of weave in exchange for corruption or harm. Corruption makes the most sense, although I feel a little shitty about it because they have Shreya as their chosen and they already have a relic that gives corruption on use.