Custom Factions/NPCs

Hey all! One of my favorite things in my game has been creating new factions, sometimes just so I’ve got more connection to them, but there’s a few I’ve really come to love.

I’d really love to hear about other factions you’ve introduced! Probably also good to let folks know if you’re okay with them borrowing those factions/NPCs for their own campaigns.

Be gentle with my doodle, but this guy is a former gentle painter, current faction leader making electroplasmic weapons in the basement of a Nightmarket bar, and they’ve stolen a fair number of hearts. By which I mean two, because I’ve only got 2 players.

The leader is shrouded in mystery and all social interactions go through their second-in-command, leading to a lot of conjecture regarding their identity. In my campaign, the crew discovers that ~mysterious leader~ in fact the former fiance of one of the crew, who turned to crime following an accident that ended his painting career. His family also suffers a strange fate: anyone bearing their family name dies around age 28, which he is rapidly approaching, and using his criminal endeavors to power his occult practices at he delves into removing the family curse.

They’re pretty tied to one of the PCs so I wouldn’t really want them borrowed for other campaigns, tho I’d be open to it if discussed privately!

As far as stray NPCs go, because our crew is only two people, they started with a free NPC pal, featured above. He’s a criminal doing slightly less criminal things, using the funding to restore an old theater so he can live his theater dreams. He’s also made a number of deals with a demon over the years and accidentally stirred up some shit. This fella’s near and dear to my heart, so he’s definitely limited to my campaign.

(They/them pronouns) Last one, this was intended to be a one-off mercenary NPC that the crew took a liking to. They’re a dual-wielding sword master who grew up in a workhouse, and wound up with slightly poor health because of it. Still hella good with swords despite it tho!

I’ve said more than enough, so please, definitely post up your factions and NPCs, and especially any art you’ve got of them!!


For our second season the players started off in Nightmarket, near to the train station, so I felt like I should make some new factions for them.
The first one I made was the gang controlling the area around the crew’s HQ, a group of ex-steam workers who through workplace accidents couldn’t work any more. To keep themselves supplied with painkillers and food (in that order) they turned to extortion and other crime. Don’t mess with the guys who are ALWAYS drugged up :smiley:

Then later on a player wanted a Devil’s Bargain and said his witch rival interfered with the score, and before I had a chance to even use that he wanted ANOTHER bargain that made his rival part of a coven o_O
Whelp, had to make a coven of witches up in Six Towers. Later on they were eliminated with explosives by the character who was now a vampire :smiley:
They had the classic triad of witch archetypes: Old witch, widow witch, and gun witch.