Custom Medals

Has anyone crafted their own medals, above what is on pg 438 of the book? I am especially interested if anyone has tried giving medals with mechanical benefits, but which cost some resource (like assets) to award.

Oooh… and you could 3D print the medals to hand out during the game…

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Yes or put pics of them on your digital playmat if you are playing remotely.

I didn’t design any but I did describe them all in-game.

The Sword of Valor was an ancient wooden parade sword awarded to each new recipient along with a flashy bronze loop for holding it on your belt. When a new recipient earned the Sword, the parade sword was passed on but you kept the loop. Doing an incredibly brave but stupid thing in the Legion was called “hurting for a loop”.

The Oak Leafs were panyar alchemicals. Two alchemically treated oak leafs dipped in silver. Every set unique.

The star was a boring star.