Daemon playbook: ascend to demonhood

A whisper in one of the groups I’m in attempted to become a demon, and I ended up writing almost entirety of what should have been a collaborative project by the virtue of being the most experienced in Blades…

Most of this is a kitbash of other playbooks with some original things thrown in. I wanted Daemon to be an intermediate state rather than a full transformation - an actual demon is not even a person, so to speak.

The playbook is available here. Comment is open - feel free to suggest improvements.


I think this is a really interesting idea and from what I can see a creative way to handle fairly, all the power a transformation to a demon would bring.

Flagging this to come back to when I’m more awake and get a game on the go. I like its potential. :smiling_imp:

I like it! I do think some of the elements that basically just state “you have the weaknesses of a demon” are a little unnecessary given you’ve done such a good job of making some of those same features into interesting Special Abilities. I think the theme of power at a cost could be fascinating to play with if you embraced it more fully.

I was just thinking about building a demon playbook a few days ago and really like this. Its interesting how you’ve pooled from the source material and will definitely be giving it a look!