Dar Heritage Traits

Hello fellow legionnaires, broken, and chosen.

While making my way through my own solo play of Band of Blades I found myself needing some Dar heritage traits. I wanted to share what I came up with and ask if any other players would like to share their own home brewed Dar heritage traits.

Dar Heritage Traits:

  • Cursed: You gain potency when you threaten someone with magic or violence. While the rumours of your accursed nature may be nothing more than myth, you know how to bend people’s fears to your advantage.
  • Defiant: When you resist the effects of Broken or Chosen, take +1d. Dar was shattered by Zora, Chosen of the Living God, and her people have not forgotten.
  • Silent: Mark an additional rank of Scout when you create the character, up to a maximum of 2. Dar is a difficult and dangerous place to live. Only those who know to blend into the shadows and master their patience survive.
  • Shadow Sight: You can see in the dark. Dar exists in almost perpetual supernatural darkness since her breaking, and her people have adapted.

These are really interesting and I kinda love them (though they’re not the official ones). :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much!