Darque's Ledger: Five Unofficial Scores for Blades in the Dark

Hi folks!

I am currently running TWO Blades in the Dark games so I am just overflowing with Score ideas. Decided to package up five of 'em that went over well for free/PWYW over on itch. It’s called Darque’s Ledger – so named because one of the prizes in the first Score is said ledger, which contains leads on the rest. A source of infinite Scores, basically.

I wanted to a few tropes from the approximate time periods that inspire BitD, so within you’ll find riffs on things like the Grand Guignol and spiritualist seances.

You can grab Darque’s Ledger here. Let me know what you think if you do – I’m a writer first and everything else second, so I had to teach myself a lot to lay this stuff out. I hope it’s up to snuff.

Brief summary of the Scores, from the itch page:

  • Darque’s Libertine: Doskvol’s oldest and most scandalous theatre entices and repulses audiences from all walks of life. If you want the goods, you’d better put on your best performance yet.
  • Monster’s Ball: Barrister Templeton’s annual Monster’s Ball features elaborate masks, a multi-table séance and the host’s pride and joy: a clockwork zoo of animated, taxidermied creatures. And here’s you, without an invitation.
  • Strangers on a Train: When they’re out in the Deathlands, the trains of the Imperium are a nation unto themselves – a nation rife with intrigue, secrets, and seduction. All aboard.
  • Through the Keyhole: Doskvol’s most secretive (and expensive) pleasures can be had at The Keyhole, Silkshore’s upscale brothel. But beauty is skin deep; the beastly goings-on beneath are one quick cut away.
  • Taking Stocks: Most crews steer clear of Bluecoat watch houses, but you’re not most crews. Pull off a successful job on the law’s home turf and your crew will be proper legends – assuming you don’t get thrown in the clink.