Demonsteel - Blades meets Necromunda meets Doom

The first, very early and wholly untested version of Demonsteel, my first (technically second, but first public) hack of Blades is out for free on Itch!

Welcome to Hell, and don’t lose your legs!
DEMONSTEEL is a Forged in the Dark tabletop game about gangers in an industrial city, sitting in a cave right outside of Hell, where miners are sent to dig for hell-iron and demons roam the streets. What will you do to rise to the top?

Inspired by Blades in the Dark, Necromunda, Doom and various metal bands, Demonsteel is a very early and rough hack of Blades. The rules in the included document build atop the rules in the BitD SRD and even the actual rulebook (as such this is not yet an independent product), and not all the content (playbooks, crews, setting information) is finished - yet, it should theoretically be playable, albeit bumpy and rough around the edges, debatably as it should be.

What’s included so far?

  • 4 mostly-usable playbooks (the violent Grinder, the sly Imp, the vile Temptor and the daring Blazer)
  • 1 mostly-usable crew, The Scum
  • new origins (heritages) and backgrounds
  • new standard items
  • slightly altered actions and other rules (Vehicles as cohorts! Augmentations!)
  • minimal information on the city of Ryft and surrounding area, including factions

I’m putting this out for free, more for my own sake than anything, so I can keep myself at least somewhat motivated to continue working on this…Hopefully. No promises!

What’s to come in future releases?

  • Finishing of the playbooks (the technical Scrapper, the pious Technomancer and the wicked Heretic) and the crews
  • More in-depth setting information, including history of Ryft, deeper dive into the districts and more factions
  • More GM stuff, including starting situations
  • Actual printable sheets?
  • And more!

Sounds interesting!
Vaguely reminds me of a TTRPG called Infernum which didn’t make it far (had some sort of d20-ish system, as I recall) but actually had some very cool ideas!