Designing districts / 101 District Traits

I’m currently writing up my own setting, and I could use some ideas for the mechanical perks and penalties for operating in a district. I think this forum could also use a setting-neutral thread for that sort of thing. I’m open to constructive criticism and guidelines on what makes a good district trait.

Information black market: You may gain +1d gather information in this district, but word travels fast here, meaning you take 1 Heat if you do so.

Money Shrine: You may obtain 2 Coin here as a downtime activity, but start a 4 segment clock representing a curse or vengeful spirit. Your crew may pay 4 Coin as recompense to appease the site’s supernatural guardians. Alternatively, you may pay 2 Coin to gain +1d to your next engagement roll if you have not previously angered the guardians.

Security Monitoring: The prevalence of special surveillance methods means non-social scores get -1d to the engagement roll. You may get increased effect when you gather information about anything in the district, at the cost of a 4 segment clock representing owing a favor to the devil informant inside the system.