Digital character sheet for Agon, available in english and spanish (Google sheets)

I just finished my version of the character sheet in Google sheets for online use. I tried to keep it as close to the original sheet as possible. It’s available in english and spanish. I hope you like it.

English version

Spanish version

Thank you to John Harper and Sean Nittner for this wonderful game.


Super cool - it’s a lot better than mine :slight_smile:


Thanks. Actually, I learned a lot from yours. I didn’t even know about checkboxes and drop down lists before your sheet.



By the way, if you agree, I can create an italian translation for your sheet.

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Go ahead. The database is in a hidden sheet, as usual.

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You could add a dice roller in that takes into account your selected [check-box] options (Name, Ephitet, Domains, Favor, etc) for fast dice rolling…

Or keep an automated log of all your contests/deeds.

Or add a -1/+1 button to Virtues and Bonds.

Are you planning a Strife/Island/Vault sheet as well?

I don’t know how to do those things but it sounds useful. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I’ll probably make the campaign sheet once I get one going. So far I’ve only played one shots.

Automated stuff requires some scripts indeed.

Meanwhile I’ve added a dropdown menu for honoured gods, epithets and names, and added few coarse helper sheets (from freely available sheets).

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Thanks, Martin! This is great.