District Traits

I haven’t ran Blades in a while, so I am forgetting and not finding it in the book… how do district traits work?

For example Charhollow has Security 2 and Barrow left has 3. If I am remembering correctly these are informative dots rather than actionable dots. They help a GM to describe the district and in the case of security being higher they may be a complication for a scores engagement roll. Is that right?

Also from the Bloodletters I remember John mentioned security was ramped up due to their actions in a district. I assume in play this would be increasing the Security trait for that district.

Is this right or am I just making stuff up, lol. I play a lot of systems so I might be confusing this with something else.

As far as district traits go, they’re both descriptive tools - Charhollow has less Security & Safety than Brightstone, so you know it’s more dangerous to be there out and about, but there are also likely to be less bluecoats - and mechanically-useful, in that you can easily use them for fortune rolls.

Remember, a fortune roll uses any trait with 0 to X dots in it that you have available to you, so district traits are fair game here. Not sure if there are bluecoats nearby, but you think there might? Make a fortune roll with the district’s Security & Safety trait. Not sure if this house is loaded with valuable trinkets, but you think it could be? Make a fortune roll with the district’s Wealth trait.

I think this isn’t really called out in the text, so to speak, it’s just implicit in the fact that they’re called district traits, rather than district qualities or district aspects or whatevs, and they happen to use dots, which player and GM are trained to think of as rollable.