Do all Orite's have titles?

That seems to be the implication (“many, if not most” … “claim a title”, it says in the Noble description), but I’m sure I recall seeing a list of “what you did before” that included fairly menial jobs - does a laborer have a title as well, mostly? Or are we figuring that all middle-class and above claim titles, but there are plenty who cannot reach that high?

I’ve seen a Baroness of Cakes. Being a Prince of the Stables would be pretty amazing imo ^_~ Just because you’re noble doesn’t mean that you cannot fall on hard times. But it makes you no less noble.

It likely isn’t all, but it’s something (this is by design) you should discuss with your table.

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Great answer, as always! I should have made a note to ask them.

In our game, Orrites were crypto-socialists who had successfully taken over their society and instituted liberte, egalite and fraternite by making everyone nobles. “A society where every man is a prince.” We had butchers who were Arch-Dutchesses, a King of Lumberjacks and beggars with holy titles. There were still people who were rich or poor but the vast majority of wealth was controlled by civic organizations. The Duke Colette has no institutional powers, but the elected Mayor does.