Do you keep track of the jobs, geographically?

I’ve been using a “character” for each job to use for clocks hidden from the group and as such can link to them as a token on the map. As a result i’ve kept a geographical history of each of the crew’s actions and wondered if anyone else has built a map of jobs.

Note: There is also a few locations and turf shown on here as well, although the skull icons are jobs…


Yeah, I’ve taken to making little tokens to highlight either score locations or claims. I’ve got an ever expanding key too. Here’s some examples:

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That’s a good idea. I think I’ll start!

I started tracking the factions activities on the Doskvol map (at least those related to the story) and developed tokens for that purpose after I switched from Roll20 to Fantasy Grounds. Used the community assets here on the forms and looks quite stylish!

Very easy to make fortune rolls now without opening the book to refer their tier during downtime! :slight_smile:

I drew the entirety of Doskvol onto a flip chart sheet and during sessions I and my players fill in the map with everything that was discovered and that we’ve added to the game. One player has started making drawings and sketches. This makes the map seem to come alive as if the city itself was a character constantly changing.
I like the idea of adding tokens or clocks to various locations.

Those tokens look awesome. Is there any way to use them in Roll20?

Yes, the tokens are .png files that can be imported into Roll20 library.