Do you need additional content for "A Fistful of Darkness"?

Hey! I’m thinking about next steps and therefore wanted to ask if you need additional stuff/material for your “A Fistful of Darkness” game.
… more factions
… more artefacts
… more map assets
… more pictures (clocks, roll20 stuff, etc.)
… (your cool idea, here)

If yes, please comment. Thanks!

As a non-american, some information about law-enforcement would be nice actually. I GMd for Bounty Hunters, but I figure it would be relevant for at least Outlaw GMs too :grin:
I wikipediad some of it, but it seems to vary depending on region and time, so nailing down an “official” Mudwater way of doing it would be helpful.

What is a sheriff, what is a marshal, how are they appointed and what are their mandates. How is a trial conducted. Who posts bounties.
Brief ofc, but when you’re planning to break someone out, or take someone in, or when the sheriff is corrupt, it’s useful to know.

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