Doctor Quantum's Tesseract Slider

Working a Doctor-Quantum-Who-Leaps-Sliders Playbook.


The Premise: Characters from divergant backgroungs are aboard a Tesseract Slider that can travel across the Multi-Verse; where they get into adventures.

Source Material is abundant: DR. Who, Quantum Leap, Sliders, Legends of Tomorrow, The Lost Saucer, The Fantastic Journey, et al.

Players will dicuss and deicde from differnet Story lines. ( Trying to get home Again, Stop the X from doing the Y, Vagabond travellers looking for Advenute)

I have a few of my Paragon “Translations” done. Two things I’m proud of is getting the whole “Glory” ticker on the sheet (the mutlicolored check boxes in the upper right. The other is Translating “Fate” into “Ascention - Apex - Fade” reflecting their rise in Multiversal abilty and your eventual decline back into being just fixed point in time.