Does resisting a spirit (to be able to perform actions) cause stress

Had a situation in EP 2 of my game when there was a ghostly encounter.

Used a ghost field trap on a door as an encounter that in Spirit copies the person who walked through the door.

The players rolled to resist this one failed , 2 kept fighting and one was stunned by the Spirit.

Does the stress fall normally according to the restiance roll.

What do you guys think?
Btw First time playing and running this game and first time running any game :grin:

Cheers and thanks for the Epic game!

Congratulations on starting to GM! Wow, super exciting!

I think you may be misunderstanding the resistance rules.

Resisting ghostly Terror is like resisting any other consequence. (p. 14)

Resistance always succeeds. It costs an amount of stress determined by the resistance roll. (p. 32)

Resisting often causes stress, but sometimes not, and can even clear stress.

Again, it is not possible to “fail to resist”. A player might resist and run out of stress, causing their character to suffer consequences that remove them from play and inflict trauma, but resistance itself always succeeds.

(There is an optional rule “Uncertain Resistance”, where resistance is not automatically successful. Be careful though, adopting this rule makes the game harder and perhaps less cinematic. p. 231)


I would add “that removes them temporarily from play”…


This is a really key point for GMing Blades which is very different to more trad games like D&D.

Characters will almost always succeed in their actions if they’re willing to pay the cost.

Even someone with no dots in an Action can get aided by someone else (at the cost of one stress for that someone) and push themselves (at a cost of two stress) to get a 75% chance of a success with consequences or higher on two dice. And any of the consequences can be resisted (if they don’t have enough stress, they get the trauma but they still succeed, as @bonkydog said).

This is one of the reasons you don’t roll for everything as a GM - only when it’s appropriate to the fiction and is going to make an appreciable difference to the story.


Thank you for the reply, yes it all makes sense now. Not sure why I got confused and interpreted this resisting the terror in i different way than a normal resistance roll…

Have to go through the situation again before we continue to play.

Thank you for your help.